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This is five days tour, four days of riding. We stay in Steinsholt all nights so we can enjoy the comfort of nice guesthouse beds and renew our self in the hot tub every evening. This tour is ideal for people who like to have a nice and relaxing time.

Included in the tour is everything concerning the horses, rain clothing, accommodation and full board. Transport to Steinsholt from Reykjavík and back again to Reykjavík after the tour is also included. Not included in the price are the fly bus, alcoholic beverages.  Purchasing guests are encouraged to study well what is, and what is not, included in the price.DSC_1514

Day 1

Guests are picked up in Reykjavík bus station (BSÍ) at 18:00 and driven to Steinsholt where we have dinner and study the travel plan together. In Steinsholt there is a cozy guesthouse and a nice hot tub.DSC_1364

Day 2 – 5
All days we will be riding between 2 to 5-6 hours. We let the weather help us choose the route for each day but among other we ride along Þjórsá river, the longest river in Iceland and also ride in the beautiful neighborhood of Stóra-Laxá river. Steinsholt is locaded by the edge of the highlands so we have nice view to many beautiful mountains and glaciers. One day we have about two hours ridingtour and then take a car to see Gullfoss and Geysir. On the way back to Steinsholt we take a look at Faxi waterfall.
After riding on Day 5 guests are driven to Reykjavík where the tour ends, around 18:30.

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Departurse: 2017.
24.05 to 28.05 Price: 1,170 – EUR: 150,000 ISK:
11.06 to 15.06 Price: 1,230 – EUR: 158,000 ISK:
05.07 to 09.07 Price: 1,300 – EUR: 167,000 ISK:


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Permission to operate a travel agency

Permission to operate a travel agency