8 days and 7 nights – 6 days on horseback.

This is a good tour for experienced riders. We go through the highlands in South Iceland and also through the rural areas surrounding the highlands, where the famous volcano of Mt. Hekla will always be in plain sight in addition to many other natural treasures, the day’s journeys are fittingly long and the riding trails decent. We sleep in nice mountain huts, most of which have shower facilities.
The price of this excursion includes transport to and from Reykjavík.
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Day 1
Pick-up is at BSÍ bus terminal at 18 o ‘clock and we drive to Steinsholt where we eat dinner and chat about the trip and more. Afterwards, it is ideal to go to the jacuzzi to relax.
Day 2
We ride from Steinsholt and head to Þjórsárdalur valley. We ride up along Þjórsá where both the landscape and the history is formed by volcano Hekla. Our endpoint is the mountain hut Klettur where we stay for two nights. Klettur is a classic Icelandic mountain hut, without both electricity and hot shower. Distance 32 km
Day 3
From Klettur, we begin the day by travelling through Þjórsárdalur valley and observe e.g. Stöng Commonwealth farm, which has old relics, stop in Hólaskógur to eat before going to Áfangagil where we stay the night in a nice mountain hut where you can take a shower. Distance: 27 km
Day 4
We ride from Áfangagil to Rangárbotnar waterfall and then alongside Ytri-Rangá river and from there to Selsund, Kot and then Foss, where we stay the night. There is a decent lodge by Eystri-Rangá river, where you can take a shower. This is quite a long day, but the riding trails are good.
Day 5
Next, we ride from Foss over Rangá river towards the mountain Þríhyrningur. Then we ride to Gunnarsholt and from there to Ytri-Rangá to cross it before we reach Austvaðsholt, where we stay the night. Austvaðsholt is a holiday farm located in Landsveit, where there is shower and electricity.
Day 6
Today we ride alongside Ytri-Rangá up to Réttarnes, from there to Leirubakki and end the day in Rjúpnavellir, where we stay for the night. Rjúpnavellir are located by the river Ytri-Rangá and have good facilities with shower and electricity.
Day 7
On this last riding day, we ride alongside Mt. Búrfell towards the waterfall Hjálparfoss, then down Þórðarhöfði to Ásólfsstaðir farm where we change horses for the last time on this trip, which ends in Steinsholt, where made beds and jacuzzi await us.
Day 8
After the breakfast, the trip ends with a drive back to Reykjavik.
Dates 2022
28 th of June to 5 th of July.
16 th of August to 23 th of August.
Price:2050 – EUR:
How to book the tour

TEL 354 486 6069
GSM 354 847 7627
E-Mail steinsholt@steinsholt.is