Horse rental in to the nature

In Steinsholt, we offer shorter horse riding tours, with duration from one to three hours. The area we cover in those tours is interesting on horseback and the landscape beautiful, for example, we cross a river called Kálfá many times. Steinsholt is located close to the edge of the highlands and here people can enjoy the Icelandic nature together with the Icelandic horse, which is a wonderful way to enjoy what the country has to offer. We also offer day tours that take 4 to 5 hours on horseback. Such trips need to be booked by contacting us.

We emphasise servicing our guests as well as possible and therefore it is better to contact us well in advance. We are not a big company taking large groups at a time, we want to have smaller groups to be able to provide them with better service.

Maximum weight for riders is 110 kg

TEL 354 486 6069
GSM 354 847 7627