8 days and 7 nights – 6 days on horseback.


This eight day excursion is an enjoyable horse riding trip that provides an excellent opportunity to see some of the main natural phenomena of Southern Iceland. Þjórsárdalur, Háifoss, Gjáin, Hekla and Landmannalaugar are among the places we visit during this excursion. You can walk in the soft black sand at the roots of the famous volcano Hekla, where the landscape reminds you of the moon, and bathe in the hot springs of Landmannalaugar which were crafted by nature’s hand.

This excursion is only for experienced riders.
The price of this excursion includes transport to and from Reykjavík.
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Hestaferðir 2015 014Day 1.
After your arrival at Keflavík International Airport, you take the Flybus to the B.S.I. bus station in Reykjavík, where you will be met by one of us and transported to Steinsholt. In the evening your group will be served dinner and we will have a look at the travel schedule. After dinner you can relax in our hot tub before you retire for the night.

Day 2.
Departure from Steinsholt. Our first destination is a mountain cabin called Klettur, which is situated in a beautiful location on the edge of the highlands.
Distance: 29 km



Day 3.
Upon departure from Klettur we head to the highlands, and we climb up to mountain Ísarhrygg. From there we ride to the Háifoss waterfall. Háifoss is 122 meters high, which makes it the third highest waterfall in Iceland. There we try to stop so we can have a closer look at it. Then we ride to a very nice cabin called Hólaskógur. There we have a possibility to have a warm shower.
Distance: 28 km.


Day 4.
Departure from Hólaskógur on horseback and across the river Þjórsá, the longest river in Iceland. Then we ride along the river for about one hour, after which we stop and change horses and maybe we are lucky and getCIMG2743 some coffee too. Then we ride on the north side of Vallafell and from there on to the lower slopes of the 1074 meters high mountain Löðmundur. We stay the night in Landmannahellir, a well-equipped cabin sheltered by the surrounding high mountains.
Distance: 34 km.

Day 5.
The fifth day we travel from Landmannahellir to Landmannalaugar where we stop for about 3-4 hours and you can explore the surroundings and bathe in the hot springs. Then we continue on horseback back to Landmannahellir where we spend the night again.
This is a day with a little faster riding pace. The horses love to go in the black mix of sand and ash. This is one of our favourite parts of the tour, you can almost hear the horses say “Yay, this is so much fun!”.
Distance: 40 km.Slutten av Mai 1012 048

Day 6.
We go from Landmannahellir and follow a trail that lies south of Vallafell. This trail lies close to the volcano Hekla where the surrounding landscape has been formed by the past eruptions. The lava and black pumice sand make an enjoyable riding trail through this barren and savage landscape. We stay the last night in Hólaskógur.
Distance: 34 km.

Day 7.
This is the last day on horseback. We travel from Hólaskógur through Þjórsárdalur where we see Gjáin and Stöng, and then continue riding through the woods in Þjórsárdalur.
The day ends with a dinner in Steinsholt where we relax and enjoy ourselves together.
Distance: 39 km.Steinsholt

Day 8.
After a well rested night in the excellent beds of Steinsholt we part for Reykjavík where the journey comes to an end.
Dates 2019
30 th of June to 07 th of July.    Fully booked

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