8 days and 7 nights – 6 days on horseback.



This eight day excursion is an enjoyable horse riding trip that provides an excellent opportunity to see some of the main natural phenomena of Southern Iceland. Þjórsárdalur, Háifoss, Gjáin, Hekla and Landmannalaugar are among the places we visit during this excursion. You can walk in the soft black sand at the roots of the famous volcano Hekla, where the landscape reminds you of the moon, and bathe in the hot springs of Landmannalaugar which were crafted by nature’s hand.

This excursion is only for experienced riders.
The price of this excursion includes transport to and from Reykjavík.
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Day 1
Pick-up is at BSÍ bus terminal at 18 o ‘clock and we drive to Steinsholt where we eat dinner and chat about the trip and more. Afterwards, it is ideal to go to the jacuzzi to relax.
Day 2
When we have prepared, we will ride from Steinsholt to a farm called Laxárdalur and from there we go along a river called Stóra-Laxá and to Laxárgljúfur among other places and end the day in a mountain lodge called Helgaskáli, which is decent although it has no electricity or shower. Distance covered: 39 km.
Day 3
We go from Helgaskáli over Stóra-Laxá and over Ísahryggur to Háifoss waterfall, and from there to Áfangagil where we stay overnight in a decent lodge where there is a shower. A fee is charged for using the shower, it is not included in the price. Distance: 30 km.
Day 4
We go from Áfangagil up to Valafell and from there towards mount Hekla where we go upwards north of it and to Rauðafossfjöll and Krakatindur and end the day in Landmannahellir cave, where there is a mountain lodge and we will stay for the next two nights. It is possible to take a shower there for a fee, not included in the price. Distance: 40 km.
Day 5
We ride from Landmannahellir to Landmannalaugar, where there is a hot pool and people can take a bath. Landmannalaugar is a popular tourist destination. From there we go back to Landmannahellir and stay overnight. Distance: 39 km.
Day 6
We ride from Landmannahellir to the mountain Sauðleysur and from there to Lambaskarð and to Valahnjúkar and Valagjá. From there we go to Hald by Túná and end the day in Hólaskógur forest where we keep the horses for the night but we continue to Steinsholt and stay there for the night, where the jacuzzi and made beds are waiting for us. Distance: 38 km.
Day 7
We drive to Hólaskógur where we meet the horses again and start the day by riding to Stöng, which are remains from houses from the period of settlement. From there we ride through Þjórsárdalur valley to Steinsholt where we stay for the night. Distance: 36 km.
Day 8
After the breakfast, the trip ends with a drive back to Reykjavik.

Dates 2021
29 th of June to 06 th of July.         4. Free space
10 th of July to 17 th of July.             4. Free space
Price: 2,099 – EUR:
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