Riding and sightseeing tour. 4 days
4 days and 3 nights – 3 days riding and sightseeing

This is a wonderful tour for those who wish to combine a riding tour with some sightseeing by car. Included in the pricing are: meals, all riding equipment required and being driven back to Steinsholt at the end of each dayþ Extras like wine, soda or candy are not included in the pricing, this also applies to your good mood, which we sincerely hope you bring.
All the nights will be spent in Steinsholt in nice beds in double rooms, There you will also find a hot tub which is a perfect place to wind down after the action of each day.
In and around Steinsholt you will find absolutely magnificent riding paths, these paths go along rivers such as: Kálfá, Stóra-Laxá and Þjórsá, and offer some of the most beautiful scenery the planet Earth has to offer.
See more information about this excursion below.                                   

Day 1
At 18:00 the guests are picked up at the Reykjavík Bus Terminal (BSÍ). From the terminal we go to Steinsholt where we will study the schedule for the journey ahead, you will also receive a nice dinner. After dinner there is a perfect opportunity to relax in our hot tub before getting some sleep for the action of Day 2.
Day 2
We start the day with a nice breakfast. After this we head to the stables where guests are equipped with a saddle, rain clothes (just in case) and other equipment that may be needed for the riding tour.
The riding tour lasts around 2 – 3 hours and takes place in the beautiful landscape that surrounds Steinsholt. Once the riding tour is over we will have some lunch before heading off to Þjórsárdalur, Iceland‘s most beautiful valley, by car.
In Þjórsárdalur there are many amazing places, such as Gjáin (a beautiful canyon), Hjálparfoss (an incredible double waterfall), Háifoss (a high waterfall, which is exactly what it‘s name means) and some very intersting ruins of a settler‘s farmhouse.                                                  
Day 3
We start this day just like the others, by waking up, which is followed by breakfast.
After breakfast we head on a riding tour similar to the day before, in the everlasting beauty of the highland landscape around Steinsholt. This tour takes around 2-3 hours and once it is finished we will enjoy a lunch together.
After lunch we head off on a sightseeing tour of Gullfoss and Geysir, two of Iceland‘s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason, these places are absolutely magnificent.
Day 4
We start the day with a nice breakfast, just like the other two (don‘t forget to wake up before coming to breakfast). After breakfast we head on another 2-3 hour riding tour similar to those on the other two days.
After the tour, we enjoy a brilliant lunch before we head off to the Secret Lagoon, a natural hotspring utilized as a place of bathing.
After enjoying the Secret Lagoon we end the day back in BSÍ (the Icelandic Bus Terminal, in case you forgot) at around 18:00 where our schedule concludes and we bid you farewell.
We look forward to seeing you on our tour!
Maximum weight for riders is 100 kg
Dates 2021
For dates send us an email  steinsholt@steinsholt.is
Price: 1.050 EUR.

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