Our names are Gunnar Orn Marteinsson and Kari Torkildsen, and we own and operate the Steinsholt firm. We cater for tourists in search of horse riding, lodging and hiking, amongst other things. We want you to feel at ease, you may expect good, personal service and a good time in general while you stay with us. Steinsholt is a small company by choice. Since size influences the quality of service given, we feel that „smaller is better“ when it comes to catering for your needs.

We have been horsemen for as long as we remember and trainers of horses for many years. Our favorite pasttime is trekking by horse in Iceland. In our opinion, this is the best way to relate to nature, relax and center oneself. We, at Steinsholt, invite you to join us in this pasttime of ours and hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

Our best wishes to you, and thanks for dropping by.