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Our shorter riding tours take from one hour to whole day. We travel in the Steinsholt area, on the edge of the highlands, which offers many interesting routes. On tours which take 1-2 hours we usually travel along the river Kálfá, a river that flows along the land of the Steinsholt farm. Kálfá is a rather small river, easy and even quite fun to cross and usually crossed once or twice on the tour. On longer tours (3 hours – 1 day) the routes are chosen according to weather and time of the year. Often we ride close to the river Þjórsá, the longest river in Iceland, or near Stóra-Láxá river – a beautiful clear river. Daytours take 5-6 hours, included is a lunch pack and we have helmets and rain clothes if guests wish for.


Accommodation and ridingtour

Many of our accommodating guests take short riding tours part of the day and spend the rest of the day sightseeing.



Special tours

If our program does not fit your plans there is always a chance that we can find a way to change our program to fit juni gris 2015 012your plan.

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Permission to operate a travel agency

Permission to operate a travel agency