Steinsholt Special 2020 Fjallabak.
9 days and 8 nights – 7 days on horseback.

This tour is only for experience horse riders that trust themselves for long distances which cover from 25 up to 45 km where we travel across mountainous areas at a height of up to 1000 metres above sea level.
On this tour we traverse magnificent landscapes, such as Þjórsárdalur, Reykjadalir and Pokahryggur on the way to Landmannahellir. We will also spend a night in a cabin very close to Tindafjallajökull.
Included in the price is: driving service from Rekjavík to Steinsholt and back at the and of the tour. Food, housing and all horseriding related equipment.
Things that are not included are: soft drinks, wine and candy and other extras.
Those taking the tour are required to bring their own sleeping bag, as well.
Showers are not included in the pricing except in Hólaskógur. In other locations, people will have to pay for a shower at their own expense, which is around 800 isk in the places where it is available.                          

See more information about this excursion below.

Day 1
Those Joining the tour are picked up at BSÍ at 18:00 and taken to Steinsholt where they will spend their first night. After the dinner provided by us, we will go over what we can expect from the journey ahead.
Day 2
We head off from Steinsholt by horse and head to Þjórsárdalur valley. Our route takes us up along Þjórsá where the landscape and history are both moulded by Hekla, a might volcano which will be visible at almost all times.
The endpoint of this day is a highland cabin called Klettur (translates to: rock) where we will spend the night.
Klettur is a classic Icelandic highland cabin, without both electricity and a hot shower.
Distance: 29 km.
Day 3
We start the day by heading from Klettur towards Stöng, the ruins of an old homestead from the era of Icelandic settlement which end around 930 AD. After taking in the sights of Stöng, we head off to Hólaskógur where to take a lunch break before heading off to our final destination of the day: Áfangagil.
Áfangagil is a ravine which contains a highland cabin with no electricity but has a hot shower which people can purchase access to if they so choose.
Distance: 25 km.

Day 4
We head from Áfangagil towards Hekla and travel very close to her northern side before heading towards Hungurfit where we will spend the next 2 nights. This chapter of the tour is very beautiful and fun to traverse, as the landscape in close proximity to Hekla has been shaped by her lava and ash, creating spectacles that can only be found in the presence of volcanoes.
We will then spend the night in a nice and comfortable highland cabin without electricity but with a shower which people can purchase access to if they so choose.
Distance: 48 km.
Day 5
This day will be taken easier than the previous one, as the one before and after are quite long. Once we have relaxed after breakfast we take a sightseeing trip towards a place called Krókur which is located next to Markarfljót. The area is very peaceful and beautiful and one can hardly resist to simply relax and enjoy life. After the sightseeing we head back and spend the night in the same cabin as the night before.
Distance: 18 km.                                                
Day 6
This is a day of great and magnificent landscape and, if the weather gods favor us, the mountainous scenery is breathtaking.
When we head off from Hungurfit in the morning we take a path called “fjallabaksleið syðri” which means “the path behind the mountains” and is named this because we have to sneak past the mountains when they are not looking.
From this path we head towards Reykjadalir or “valleys of smoke” which is an area with geothermal springs where boiling water pours out of the ground and creates steam, which explains the name.
After going through Reykjadalir, we arrive on top of Pokahryggir which are at a height of around 1000 meters above sea level. After that we end the day in Landmannahellir.
In Landmannahellir we stay in a cabin which has no electricity but does have shower which people can buy access to if they so choose.
Distance: 46 km.
Day 7
We head from Landmannahellir past Herbjarnarfellsvatn (loosely translates to: Lake at the Fell of the Army Bear) and then down towards Hald, from which we travel along Þjórsá and ending the day in Hólaskógur.
Hólaskógur is an excellent cabin which has both electricity and a shower which is free of charge.
Distance: 34 km.                                                      
Day 8
This is the last day we travel on horseback. We head off from Hólaskógur and through Þjórsárdalur, where we will see Gjáin, an absolute hidden treasure in this rocky region and also Stöng, which you will remember from day 3. From Stöng we continue through the woods of Þjórsárdalur, which is a beautiful place full of evergreen trees. From there we head home to Steinsholt where we end the day with a nice, relaxing dinner.
Distance: 39 km.
Day 9.
We start the day with breakfast and after everyone is ready to go, we head back to BSÍ (the Icelandic Bus Terminal) where we bid you farewell and good luck on your next Icelandic adventure.
We look forwards to seeing you on this trip, which is an experience of a lifetime.
Maximum weight for riders is 100 kg

Dates 2020
03 th of August. to 11 th of August.     Fully booked
Price: 2,340 – EUR

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