Steinsholt special delux
7 days and 6 nights – 5 days on horseback.

This is a tour for those who like to enjoy diverse and beautiful nature but always spend the night at the same place- a place with bedrooms for two and hot tub in the garden. In this tour we mix a horse tour with a sightseeing tour to interesting places in the area, such as; Gullfoss, Geysir and Þjórsárdalur. In the end of the tour we go to The Secret Lagoon to have an extra-relaxing time. Riding distance per day is from 15 – 30 kilometers.
The price of this excursion includes transport to and from Reykjavík.
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Day to day pragram
Day 1
Pick up in Reykjavík bus station, BSÍ, at 18:00 and drive to Steinsholt, which takes about 1,5 hours. After having a meal in Steinsholt we check out the plan for the next 5 days.
Day 2
We start the day by finding saddles and other things regarding the horses, after that we start the first ridingtour. The riding tour of the day takes about 5 hours. We ride from Steinsholt alongside Kálfá -river and then to Þjórsá – river which is Icleand´s longest river and, also, quite a big one. On the way we stop in Skaftholtsréttir where we have a lunch break. After this riding tour we recommend the hot tub in Steinsholt.
Day 3
After breakfast we take a 2-3 hours riding tour. After the riding we have soup in Steinsholt and then go on a sightseeing tour to Gullfoss and Geysir.                                                        
Day 4
We start this day by taking a sightseeing tour to Hjálparfoss – waterfall in Þjórsárdalur. After we return to Steinsholt we take horses and ride to Stóra-Laxá -river, which we will then cross, and ride to the farm Kaldbakur. The horses stay the night in Kaldbakur but we go back to Steinsholt by car.
Day 5
After breakfast we drive to Kaldbakur to reunite with the horses. We ride to Stóra-Laxá again, but this time we do not cross, but ride along the river. On the way we will see Láxárgljúfur – a beautiful canyon in the highlands. It is a wonderful experience to travel around the highlands in peace and quiet away from the stress of our everyday life. The horses stay in Kaldbakur again, but we go home to Steinsholt. After 5-6 hours of riding it might be good to relax in the hot tub.
Day 6                                                                                     
We meet up with the horses in Kaldbakur and ride to Stóra-Laxá. We cross the river (Stóra-Laxá) at Hrunakrókur and ride to Steinsholt. The riding tour this day takes 3-4 hours. In Steinsholt we have a meal and then drive to Flúðir to find the Secret Lagoon where we can relax in the beautiful and cozy geothermal pool.
Day 7
After breakfast we drive to Reykjavík bus station (BSÍ) where this trip ends.

Dates 2020. 12 th of August. to 18 th of August.                                                                
Price: 1,850 – EUR:

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