6 days and 5 nights – 4 days on horseback.

This four tour is comfortable for most people that have some experience of horseback riding. In this tour we both stay in our nice guesthouse in Steinsholt and in a classic Icelandic mountain hut with sleeping bag accommodation and enjoy the great Icelandic nature all the time.

Included in the tour is everything concerning the horses, rain clothing, accommodation and full board. Transport to Steinsholt from Reykjavík and back again to Reykjavík after the tour is also included. Not included in the price are the fly bus, alcoholic beverages and guests need to bring their own sleeping bag.

Purchasing guests are encouraged to study well what is, and what is not, included in the price.

Day program

Day 1

Guests are picked up in Reykjavík bus station (BSÍ) at 18:00 and driven to Steinsholt where we have dinner and study the travel plan together. In Steinsholt there is a cozy guesthouse and a nice hot tub.

Day 2

This day we will be riding around Steinsholt and ride up along river Þjósá which is the longest river in Iceland. We see the waterfall Búði (in Þjórsá) and many other beautiful places in this area.

Day 3

We ride from Steinsholt and head to Þjórsárdalur valley. We ride up along Þjórsá where both the landscape and the history is formed by volcano Hekla.  Our endpoint is the mountain hut Klettur where we stay for two nights. Klettur is a classic Icelandic mountain hut, without both electricity and hot shower.

Day 4

From Klettur we go to Háifoss waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland, 122m high. Then we take a look at Stöng – ruins of a farm from time of the settlers (year 1100), and enjoy the beauty of Gjáin where there are many pretty waterfalls. We finish the day by riding back to Klettur, where we stay another night.

Day 5

We keep travelling around in Þjórsárdalur and, among other, see Hjálparfoss waterfall in river Fossá before we head home to Steinsholt.The day ends with a dinner in Steinsholt where we relax and enjoy ourselves together.

Day 6

After a well rested night in the excellent beds of Steinsholt we part for Reykjavík where the journey comes to an end.


Dates 2021

10 th of June to 15 th of June.              1. Free space

25 th of August to 30 th of August.     8. Free space 

Price: 1.550 EUR  

How to book the tour   

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Permission to operate a travel agency

Permission to operate a travel agency